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Volume II Table of Contents

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Volume II (2012)

Historica: the Alpha Rho Papers

Icons and the Beginning of the Isaurian Iconoclasm under Leo III
Chad Scott Brown

Cursed with a Skin of Blackness: African Americans and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the late 1940’s and 1950’s
Amber Meek Malek

Colorado Governor Edwin Johnson: Politics and Race
Jennifer Anne Meredith

The Evolution of the Great Lakes’ Forests: Terror to Treasure
Camden Ross Burd

Proud to Be an American: Perceptions of American Patriotism Through the Medium of Captain America Comic Books, 1945-2009
Timothy Boyer

Che Guevara, Cuba, and the Hombre Nuevo: Building Nationalist Internationalism
Robert Christensen

El Cid: History and Legend
Juan Abraham Caballero Prieto

Revolution and Religion: The Debate Over Religious Establishment
Andrew O. Pace

Conversion by Proof: Matteo Ricci’s Scientific Approach to Evangelization
Nick James Vigil

Cinema as Propaganda during the Third Reich
Sean Michael Goodell

Devshirme is a Contested Practice
Kathryn Ann Hain

Economic Heresies: An Argument Against Dogmatic Interpretations of 1950s Affluence
Kip Joseph Kay

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