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Volume IV

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Volume IV (2014)  Utah Historical ReviewVol IV


Relatedness and Mortality among Jamestown Colony Settlers
Teresa Potter

Mormon Rationalism in the Life and Conversion of Anson Call
Hadyn B. Call

Gardening and American Nationalism during World War II: The Home Front Fight for Food
Melinda R. Hortin

The Adaptation of Foundation Legend in Ancient Rome
Megan Dipo

The Complications of State-Building: Reevaluating the Role of Britain in the Creation of Iraq
Gregory Jackson

Someone like Us: The Revolutionary Result of the United States’ Contradictory Foreign Policy toward Iran
Anthony Mark Frenzel

Making Muralist Jokes: Asco’s Contestation of the Mural and its Challenge to Chicano/a Aesthetics
Renato Olmedo-González

Codification of Table Manners at the Eucharist in Early Stuart England: Reworking the Reformation in the English Church
Christopher Phil McAbee

Environmental Impacts on the German Blitzkrieg in World War Two
Jonathan Dillon Kuhl

Combating Insurgency in British Palestine
Nicholas Hayen

Body Image in Mauritania: Bigger is Better
Chelsea Seira Thompson

“Fulfilling the Essentials of Woman’s Being”: How the 1851 British Census Legitimized Victorian Misogyny
Katie Laird

How Circleville Remembers
Suzanne Catharine

The Origins of Islamic Legal Theory: The Traditionalist and Western Perspectives
Kurt Rasim Güner

Filipinos under the American Colonial Gaze
Tamara Taysom

Book Reviews

Book Review of Yuki Tanaka’s Text
Lindsey Lamph Larson

This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War
Nels Abrams

Book Review of Girls of Ryadh
Ellen E Young

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Jennifer Yanez Macias, University of Utah; ΦΑΘ–ΑΡ

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