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The Utah Historical Review seeks qualified and motivated college students to fulfill the role of student editors for our publication.

This is a volunteer involvement opportunity, while no monetary compensation will be received, students will receive useful work experience and editorial staff will be listed in the credits of the journal in both electronic and print versions of the journal.

The work will consist of proofreading and/or copyediting academic papers from graduate and undergraduate students from the state’s colleges and universities. Proofreading and copyediting work will be done online using the Open Journal System (OJS), open source journal management and publishing software. This means that participants can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Preliminary proofreading and copyediting will take place during Spring semester, so that publication can be finalized in June. Due to the unique flexibility of the OJS, editorial staff can work at their own pace and on as many papers as they have time for. This means that even if you have limited time, you can still make a meaningful contribution.

In addition to the CV line, editors and proofreaders will earn recognition for their contribution at the University of Utah History Department Awards Ceremony as well as being listed in the credits of both print and online journals.

To Apply. please proofread all the text on this notice page for gramar, spelling; and complience with Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.) –and fill out the form below; mention any mistakes you found in the ‘any additional information’ box.*

Upon acceptance, members of the editorial board will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in the roles of editor and reviewer as described in the OJS knowledge base.

Any questions may be directed here.


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*By “this notice page” we mean all text between the words “The Utah Historical Review” on the first line to “OJS knowledge base.

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